In Israel, perhaps, found the tomb of the biblical prophet


Text: Andrew Velichko

The pursuit of "black archeologists" in the vicinity of Jerusalem helped to find an ancient church in which it is likely buried the prophet Zechariah.

The discovery made the team very far from science, led by Amir Ganor … detective, the Israel Antiquities Protection (IAA). The brave cop in arms (no exaggeration) hunts for grave robbers and illegal antique dealers.

In pursuit of a group of Palestinians who hunted theft of antique coins, Mr. Ganor and his men came to the door jamb, partially covered with earth. After a few weeks, experts IAA excavations have discovered the remains of the temple building, which was destroyed by an earthquake about 1,300 years ago.

The room size, sorry, a basketball court has collapsed marble columns and virtually untouched mosaic floor (see picture below). Under the altar is a burial chamber, where it is thought, archaeologists have been buried Jewish prophet Zechariah. According to legend, around 520 BC. e. he wrote a book of sermons, which was a part of the Old Testament.


The assumption is based on the analysis of professional Christian sources and so-called Madaba Map — ancient mosaic map on the floor of the church in the Jordanian city of Madaba. To prove this version requires additional investigation.

Ruins of the Church related to the V-VII centuries BC. e., located 40 km to the south of Jerusalem. Below them is a network of caves and tunnels the Second Temple period (516 BC. E. — '70 BC. E.), Which were used by the Jews during the Bar Kochba revolt against Roman rule in 131-135 years.

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