In JSC Izhneftemash developed the unique design of the well screen

JSC "Izhneftemash", part of a group of companies "Riemer", completed the development of unique modifications well screen FSP-73, which has no domestic counterparts.

FSP-73/105 well screen with adjustable orifice installed in the column tubing tubing-73 and is used to protect the sucker rod pumps from foreign inclusions from wells, sand and other impurities size of 0-3 mm.

The design allows you to fold FSP-73/105 connection of several filters in the tubing string for a thorough cleaning of the borehole fluid from the impurities of various sizes. The location of the filter element from the outside of the filter housing allows for easy adjustment of the cross section of the orifice, high maintainability of equipment and ease of maintenance. Turnaround time filter FSP-73/105 increased compared with the previous modifications due to a self-cleaning filter element in its interaction with the tubing. In addition, clogged filter element is provided extending downhole fluid through holes in the plug-centralizer that prevents operation of the pump when the wellbore fluid no receipt, thereby reducing the risk of breakage.

The well screen similar design "Izhneftemash" developed the first among domestic manufacturers of downhole pumping equipment. Currently, the company is working on a patent for utility model, for the protection of rights to the use of technical solutions used in the filter FSP-73/105.

In the photo, Leonid Dmitriev Ya — developer of the project.

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