In JSC MMK developed and implemented in the production of a new class of high-strength steels

In JSC "MMK" put into production a new class of high-strength and ultra low carbon micro-alloyed hot galvanized steel for a wide range of customers.

Joint development of JSC "MMK" and FSUE "TsNIIchermet them. IP Bardeen "awarded the gold medal of the International specialized exhibition" Metal-Expo — 2010 ".

High-strength steel has both high strength and ductility. It is accepted to have a material with a yield strength of 210 MPa and above, up to 800 or even 1200 MPa. Such a large run-up to the strength characteristics determined by a variety of currently used and developed high-strength steel.

Embedded in the production of high-strength steel used in the automotive industry as well as manufacturers of household appliances. The use of high-strength steel products in the production of automobiles making them safer and easier, and therefore more economical.

In addition, the high-strength metal is now being increasingly used in the construction industry (for example, in the production of high-strength structural sections).

The developers of a new class of high-strength steels were AI Zaitsev, IG Rodionova, Paramonov VA, Yashchuk SV Fomin, ES, Shaposhnikov, NG, Gorbunov AV Shpak A . I., Zharkov EV, Vetrenko AG, Papshev AV, VE Tseitin

Department of Information and Public Relations of OJSC "MMK"

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