In JSC SCC was put into operation for the production of fuel elements with dense fuel


On the Chemical and Metallurgical Plant OAO "SCC" (part of the Fuel Company "TVEL") As part of the contract on the research and development activities (R &D) on the theme" Development and production of experimental facilities for testing technology of dense fuel, experimental fuel rods and fuel assemblies, "October 31, put into operation the production of fuel elements with dense fuel.

Previously started operation of a pilot plant production of dense fuel pellets, is time between experimental batches of tablets dense fuel.

Planned for release on HMZ SCC fuel rods and fuel assemblies will be used for research and development to create a new generation of nuclear power technologies based on fast reactors with a closed fuel cycle.

The results of this work will be used in the construction project at the site of the SCC pilot production of dense fuel, development and demonstration of the power generating part of the reactor facility "BREST-300" with the near-station nuclear fuel cycle and complex for the production of dense fuel for fast reactors.

The main objective in the development of a closed fuel cycle is the development and demonstration of integrated industrial technologies that can overcome resource constraints of modern nuclear energy, focused on consumption of uranium-235, and will ensure the creation of such a structure of nuclear power, which does not allow systemically accumulate significant amounts of spent nuclear fuel.


JSC "Siberian Chemical Combine" (Seversk) combines five plants handling nuclear materials and CHP. One of the main activities of the SCC — meeting the needs of nuclear power plants in uranium for nuclear fuel, the production of heat and electricity. It is a part of the Fuel Company "TVEL"SC"Rosatom. "

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