In JSC Torzhokskiy Carriage Works’ shop was commissioned aggregate production

Before Torzhokskiy Carriage Works had its own aggregate production and bought trucks from other companies, mainly at the Tikhvin and Demikhovsky plants. But increasing competition requires new approaches.

By order of "TorVZ" railcar holding company, which includes Torzhokskiy Carriages, the company SPE "Long distance", JSC "Electroapparat" Malaya Vishera and ZAO "TransElektroPribor" in St. Petersburg, designed and manufactured a new generation of trains designed for the implementation of the commuter rail — diesel-electric train DT-1 and ET-4A train.

  • train ET4A
  • train ET4A

Now in the shop of the aggregate production organized production of trucks that meet the highest technical requirements and designed to run on the manufacture of high-speed trains. The operational speed of new trucks — up to 120 km / h We developed high-speed electric trolleys (modified ET-4A), which will reach speeds of up to 220 km / h Starting the aggregate production — the first stage of the subsequent modernization of the plant. 

The new plant is designed to meet the needs in the trucks in the production of electric trains its own production of "TorVZ." The plant is capable to produce 25 electric train cars a month — two complets commuter train. Aggregate power plant is designed to produce 50 trucks per month.

— To date, a series of electric installation ET-4A — 30 cars, and we are in talks with the leadership of Railways for the production of a mounting series in 2014-2016, — said General Director and Chief Designer trains ET-4A Dmitry O. Karpenko.

The organization of the aggregate production Torzhoksky Carriages — is the creation of new jobs for highly qualified professionals with a decent salary, the company invites both experienced workers and young people.

The shop has modern equipment with numerical control, young people work here will be interesting. Specialists — welders, turners, millers — the company is ready to raise the production of graduates of technical offices Torzhokskiy industrial humanitarian and Polytechnic Colleges.

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