In Kandalaksha pigs developed tuberculosis

In Kandalaksha pigs developed tuberculosisIn the case of swine tuberculosis in one of the private farms Kandalaksha there were new details

Found that animals infected people — workers hired master. The fact that they have TB, became known after handling one of the employees to the TB clinic for help, according to the Office of Rosselkhoznadzor in the Murmansk region.

Previously, "B-port" reported that in studies Govou "Murmansk Regional Veterinary Laboratory" pathological material, selected pigs in one of the private farms Kandalaksha Murmansk region, the diagnosis of tuberculosis. Causative agent of tuberculosis — Mycobacterium tuberculosis (human form) — causes the disease in humans as well as in several animal species. To him susceptible not only pigs, but also, for example, cats, dogs and cattle. Today it is a private subsidiary farming disadvantaged declared TB a point where, in accordance with the requirements of the veterinary rules set restrictive measures.

Chief commented on the situation Kandalaksha interdistrict department Rosselkhoznadzor in the Murmansk region, LL Spark: "Pigs on the farm left. Now the brick building of the former military warehouse, which houses private farming, carpentry and understand being prepared for disinfection. Our specialists informed of the incident population Kandalaksha area through the mass media. Urban TV aired the story, in a newspaper article for details about the disease, its characteristics and the measures that must be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future. "

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