In Kazakhstan recorded outbreak of FMD


As reported, press service of the Kazakh Emergencies Ministry said on Tuesday that the border with the Russian Federation of the West Kazakhstan region newly discovered focus of FMD. "Pets with symptoms similar to foot and mouth disease (fever, salivation, weakness, sores on the legs) were found on Monday, June 19, in the village of Lbischensk, Akzholskogo rural district Akzhaikskogo area" — said in a statement.

Veterinary Service District was put preliminary diagnosis — FMD. All in the village there are over 3.5 thousand head of cattle. On June 20 of this year, was destroyed, and then burned about a hundred sick animals.

"Territorial Inspectorate of the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the district police department Akzhaikskogo exposed positions. Provides land for the destruction and disposal of infected livestock. Village set in a disinfectant barrier, being the household disinfectant measures," — told by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic.

In Akzhaikskom's already recorded outbreak of FMD in May. Then the focus of the disease was in the village Tynaliev 125 kilometers from the local administrative center of the city of Uralsk. Last outbreak of the virus in the West Kazakhstan region was registered in 2007.

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