In Kharkiv rain flooded homes and school

The water level reached in 29 yards 40-125 cm
May rainfall over the village residents Krishtopovka Bliznyukovskogo area very real flood. The water was nearly three dozen households (out of 150), and seven wells and secondary school. The water level in Krishtopovke kept at levels 40-125 cm

Rain in a remote region of Kharkiv region began on Saturday at 14.00, never ceased to pour four hours. As reported in the State Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Kharkiv region, during which 30 mm of rain fell, which is above the daily norm. "The village is in a valley. When ran water from the fields, the dirty water flows and debris formed a logjam in katabatic collector, who was under the highway and 1 meter higher than the foundations of houses. So the water could not go into the ground, and went to the side — to the houses, "- said the rescuers. As a result of the elements found in water Combining villagers and houses.

Local rescuers almost eliminated the Flood 4:00: Try to plug the reservoir and fire pump to pump out water in yards Krishtopovki residents. Now the situation in Bliznyukovskom near normal.

Oksana Kozlova

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