In Moscow, on January 13 at the meeting will be to protect the interests of the United States to Russia

January 13 in the center of Moscow will host the next march. It is now agreed. Opposition leaders will bring to the streets "angry citizens" and professional activists to express another protest. March and march, except that the name of the ringing. Against scoundrels. But here's the point? But the fact that disgruntled citizens derive their leaders on the streets of Russia — in defense of anti-Russian interests. Moreover, in defense of the interests directly opposed to the interests of Russians. And do they say that on this march will be the U.S. flag. And the human rights elite sort of do not mind. Can somehow relate to Eduard Limonov, but I must say that he is quite right when he says that the urban bourgeoisie pushed further and further away from the people.

Eduard Limonov, leader of the unregistered party "Other Russia": "Yes, I think this rally pro-American. First time in the foreseeable time unit, somewhere in 20 years we see a very pro-American rally. I'm sure most people who are going to go there, they do not understand where they go. They think that they are going to protect the disabled, orphans Russian from Russian authorities. "

Let's be frank — January 13, leaders of the opposition will try to bring "dissatisfied" in support of the rights of disadvantaged Russia USA. Orphans, the disabled, children's fate — alas, but in most cases this is just an excuse to put pressure on the feelings and emotions of the "middle class." Needless to say that all those who will come to this rally — bribed by the State Department, it would be really ridiculous. But the manipulation of public opinion, and even conducted on such a scale, you can not miss. Cares more. Do come to the march by representatives of the U.S. Embassy, as they did during a rally at Triumph and the Pushkin? And will they just pass by and observe and control?

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