In Moscow rallied for and against Lukashenko


Activists of the movement "Defense", "Solidarity", "Change" and "We" — only about 50 people — protesting the official results of the presidential elections in Belarus and demanded the release of Russian citizens detained during a crackdown campaign on December 19.

The protesters demanded that the Belarusian authorities to release the leader of "Malady Front" Dmitry Dashkevich, on whom a criminal case, and a citizen of Russia, Anastasia Rybachenka, which is serving 15 days in jail in Minsk. Also, according to the protesters, be released detainees in Belarus activists "Defense" Dmitry Ivanov and Maxim. The protesters chanted "Freedom Rybachenka Anastasia," "Our elections a farce — your choices are a farce", "bald tire". Burned a portrait of Lukashenko and Putin's cartoons.

At the same time young activists of the pro-government movement "Young Russia" were holding for Lukashenko. They handed out leaflets explaining that the elections in Belarus majority of citizens voted in favor of the incumbent, and that Alexander Lukashenko took over as President of Belarus in accordance with the law.


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