In Novocheboxarsk appeared Center for Energy Efficiency (video)


This kind of interactive space, where the language of the most modern technology shows how to reduce energy consumption and reduce their costs. On the eve of the facilities at the head of the republic demonstrated Mikhail Ignatiev.

Save light, heat and water here will teach everyone from ordinary consumers to industrial giants. Interactive equipment, which is literally packed center, makes energy-saving tips on simple, visual, and certainly is not boring even for children. Virtual tour tells how energy is produced and supplied to our homes. Competently use it in everyday life and reduce, so utilities teaches entertaining game. Here you can find out by experience, for example, which is more efficient stove — the usual modern electric or induction. Novocheboksarsk center — not the first public company "RusHydro" in the regions, but on the technical capabilities far ahead of their counterparts who work in Ryazan and Krasnoyarsk. It will be the venue for the interesting and useful lessons not only for students but also for professionals in different companies — they are designed for serious training programs.

Stanislav Savin, a member of the Board of JSC "RusHydro": "This is a very flexible and very affordable for any exposure, any work with all sectors of the population, and entrepreneurs, and major power engineering enterprises."

After a tour of the center, Michael Ignatieff said — there must be trained managers of budgetary organizations of the republic. But to start a serious savings must still with the mentality of each consumer.

Michael Ignatieff: "We are outraged when paying tariffs, and when we say that you need to take measures to save, of course there are issues in psychology, the mentality of every person, every family. Our task — provided here by such a wonderful opportunity to prepare themselves psychologically people. "

But the figures speak eloquently. In 26 children's homes and boarding schools have set energy saving lamps. Spent about 500 thousand rubles, the savings over the year was 1.4 million.

Video: STRC Chuvashia (Julia Scriabin, Vladimir Sergeev)

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