In Noyabr’sk appeared farm with a full cycle of processing of products

In Yamal appeared the first peasant farming with a full cycle of processing products, the farm "Expanse" acquired its own production, it's located on a farm in the industrial area Noyabr'sk. 

To this day, Elena and Sergey Kravchenko went five years since then, as conceived in the far north to establish their farm. We started with that of the old sawmill did barn for animals and brought the first pigs, while managing bureaucratic issues. In 2012, their business project has been recognized by the administration Noyabr'sk promising to implement it allocated 300,000 rubles. With these funds, the farmers bought refrigerators and equipment for the production hall.

In Noyabr'sk municipal agricultural enterprise and has several small farms, but this scale private enterprises with a full cycle of production and a wide range of products earlier in Noyabr'sk was not.

On the farm, "Expanse" grown pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens and geese, sell milk and eggs. Pair of semi-finished products made of meat (meat dumplings, manta rays, hinkali, pasties), all products are certified and genuine. On the ground floor of a new building located shop, and the second workshop for the production of semi-finished products.


The realized dream of November farmers fit into the challenges posed in front of the district governor of Yamal. The thing is that Jamal has to produce all the basic food, and rely on this issue can power on such enterprises as "the Expanse."


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