In Octjabrskij (Ulyanovsk region) after the cap. Repair opened sports center with swimming pool


Sports Complex is located on the base of the secondary school. Besides the pool, it will allow residents access to a gym and wellness center, aerobics, fitness, table tennis, chess. As part of the regional program "Repair of school pools"For two years the great work on the complex reconstruction of the sports complex. In the financing of works brought together federal, provincial and municipal budgets. For major repairs were sent to more than 11 million rubles.   


In the general framework of this regional program, in the Ulyanovsk region already renovated 9 pools. This project has spent more than 43 million rubles.

"The complex, which starts today, will allow to solve a variety of problems. The renovated pool everyone will be able to develop swimming skills — how to achieve high results, and for the formation of a strong and healthy body. It will be held competitions and sports festivals. Pool brings a new level of training process in educational institutions Radischevskaya district. This will create conditions for the development of new champions, followers of victories Ulyanovsk athletes as Stanislav Donets, Cyrus Volodin, Vladimir Bryukhov ", — said the Governor.


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