In October, investment in fixed capital in Russia grew by 4.9% YoY

Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) reported the main economic and social indicators Russia in January-October 2012. According to the service, in October of this year, investments in fixed capital in Russia increased by 4.9% compared with October 2011.

Thus, the value of the underlying investments in October 2012 amounted to 1.2857 trillion rubles, an increase compared to September 2012 by 14.4%. For ten months, the index increased by 9.5% compared to the same period last year. Statistics, of course, the positive: In September, investment fell by 1.3% in August, the growth of investment was 2.3% in July — 3.8%.

But the improvements affected not only the investment. According to Rosstat, in the reporting period, the volume of industrial production in Russia in October 2012 increased by 1.8% and by 3.8% compared to the previous month. For ten months, the growth of this indicator was 2.8%. At the same time, turnover Retail increased yoy in October by 3.8% to reach 1.8928 trillion rubles. In relation to the previous month, the increase was 2.4%. For ten months, the index increased by 6.1% compared to the same period in 2011.


Published figures, and they show a trend in the real sector of the economy, saying that Russia was feeling good, despite the slowdown in Europe and political risks, the director of the analytical department of the company "Alpari" Alexander Razuvaev. Of course, for a good investment activity for several reasons — high oil prices and attractive interest rates on loans in real terms, ie adjusted for inflation. But business in the real sector is always thinking long-term, and the dynamics of investment suggests that businesses in the industry are positive about the future of the country. Do not also forget that the largest investor in Russia remains a country that is now ramping up investment activity, both through state-owned companies and directly. A role in domestic demand, and hence in investment activity and the increased playing defense contracts.

Russia really need a quality investment inflows, and it is in the real sector of the economy, said in his turn, the deputy director of the analytical department of the Moscow Stock Center Helena Chernoletskaya. Such investments are characterized by long-term trend, that is willing to wait for returns, the result of the investment, and therefore, encourage enterprises to improve efficiency. That is, if the trend continues, we can confidently say that a number of Russian industries finally received recognition from investors and will be able to thrive in the current period of global recession, and during the period of world crisis. It is important to increase performance in industrial production and retail sales. It is a testament to the development of the Russian domestic market. In the future, you can also see the improvement of agricultural data.

In fact, probably better than any other in the long run in terms of investment will feel it is agriculture, certain economic commentator independent forum Et-Trade Anton Golitsyn. Contrary to many negative forecasts can be said that the Russian industry has good prospects to integrate into the global system after Russia joins the WTO. Here agriculture can help primarily to the global trend of organic products, and Russia avoided the mainstream American fashion on GMOs. If agriculture receives inflows of investment, Russian production will take its almost elitist niche in the global market.

In general, predicts Golitsyn, in the future in the investment situation will change uniform. Russia's economy needs investment, which saw outflows during the year due to the global economic crisis and a slowing global economy. It was connected with the fear on the part of investors about emerging markets. Russia among them seems the most stable — low debt, strongly undervalued assets, but the general trend is prevented raise capital. Against this background, improvement of 4.9% — this is quite a good result. And if the industry who have received additional funding, will show a good momentum, we can expect further growth in business investment in fixed assets.

Of course, we should not rush and forget about the risks. Thus, the analyst "Investkafe" Andrew Sugars, Investments in fixed capital in Russia are growing, but although the figures are positive, though the pace of growth has slowed down: the growth of investment in fixed assets in September 2012 compared to the same period last year, up 5%. In addition, the Federal State Statistics Service data on investment in fixed assets in 2012 — estimated, probably they will still be refined and adjusted, in connection with which to draw final conclusions too early.

Meanwhile, growing and depreciation of fixed assets, which, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, in 2010, reached a record high: 47.1%, and in some industries, such as engineering and agriculture, wear close to 70%. Therefore, investment in fixed assets, despite the positive trend, while not enough. This situation carries great risks to economic growth. Nevertheless, experts share forecast of Economic Development, which predicts growth of investment in fixed assets of 5.5% in 2012, and in 2013 — at the level of 7.2%.

However, the published data are rather optimistic, analysts MFH FIBO Group Anatoly Voronin, to perform voiced forecast. And the growth of investment in fixed assets by almost 5% in the autumn's most active months suggests that the aggregated results of the year in terms of come out stronger the level of 2011. In all likelihood, experts predict that next year the positive dynamics of the indicator will continue, interest in Russian domestic sectors for investors actively expressed, despite external global risks. This, in turn, increases the investment attractiveness of Russia as a whole.

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