In October, Russia opened more than 45 new productions

 Results of monitoring of new productions opening in October show that there is an approximate match business with October last year, although there are some differences. Although the total number of newly opened businesses in the following month (45 vs. 62 in October last year), but the qualitative structure of these companies is completely different. This year, many more industries related to the processing of metal, with mechanical engineering.

The level of investments — 80 billion — higher than last year, when you consider that a year ago in October fell start artifact object worth 55 billion rubles. In this month of artifact objects were not — a more even distribution of costs.

For the second month there is increasing number of new jobs — 4540 (3962 last year). Of course, while the creation of 25 million new jobs and upgraded to say absolutely not necessary, but there has been a growing trend.

The nature of the new production is now affected by several factors:

1. The need to move on gasoline of Euro-4 and Euro-5 induces an accelerated pace in refineries enter the new setting. This trend will continue until 2015, which is scheduled to complete the transition to these fuels and perhaps even until 2018, as consumption volumes continue to grow.

2. Depreciation of equipment of electric power facilities require modernization and construction of new generating capacity.

3. The modernization of the military-industrial complex generates a flow of orders and for the civilian sector, in particular for machine tools. This development is mainly due to the modernization of enterprises, according to those figures, which are allocated to it. As in the press no figures as dedicated to the modernization of enterprises money distributed data, the total amount of annual costs are difficult to estimate, but they are now comparable with investments in building new businesses.

4. Every month there are companies that produce import-substituting products. You can not say for sure that this is a trend, but the appearance of such production significantly improves the trade balance of the country.

The attached table shows the new enterprises derived from public sources (links to the sources are indicated). Note that this month there were many reports about very small productions of new production lines in the food industry and others — we did not take them into account because of the lack of data in the literature on investment and new jobs created. The approximate total investments they can make up to 150 million rubles. Of course, because of the method used, the actual figures for the month at 10.5% cited above us, but pretty close to the final results will be available from the published semi-annual and annual summary reports.


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