In Omsk, opened a factory for the production of crumb rubber tiles

The author of the technology and the developer of the manufacturer of equipment for the production of rubber tile in our country is the company "EkoStep." Its only representative in Omsk was the company "ASIOR." It was she who was engaged in the manufacture tiles.

Tiles manufactured factory method of crumb rubber obtained after the processing of automobile tires, mixed with a polyurethane binder and persistent dyes using presses, special drying cabinets, in compliance with a single temperature and time regime.

In addition to the risk of injury, tiles of crumb rubber has a number of other benefits. It is strong and durable. Thanks to the technology of manufacturing and its member components tile does not tear or break. Such coatings can withstand temperatures of -50 to +80 ° C. In the winter, this coating can be a skating rink, without fear of damaging the surface.

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