In Omsk started production, part of the three most powerful in the world

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gave the command to start-up complex of the Omsk isomerization of light gasoline fractions. A unique complex "Isomalk-2" is the most powerful unit of its kind in Russia and Europe and is one of the most powerful in the world.

Isomalk-2 allows you to produce high-octane gasoline component of commercial zero-sulfur, aromatic and unsaturated hydrocarbons.

The project applies technical solutions that would generate gasoline with high octane number, corresponding to the requirements of Class 4 and 5. By implementing a Isomalk-2 flowsheet LFS increase oil refining and production volumes of automotive high-octane gasoline. Plant capacity is 800 thousand tons per year isomerisate.

In his speech, Director General LFS Alexander Meling said: New Installation Isomalk-2 was built in a record time of 20 months. During the construction of the complex were applied best domestic and foreign scientific and technical solutions, and building technology. 75% of the equipment and materials used in the construction of the installation of Russian origin.

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