In Orenburg modernize City Clinical Hospital. Pirogov

Thanks to the modernization program of health updated material base city hospital im.Pirogova Orenburg.

Completed renovated 6-storey surgery building 279 beds for a total area of 8.5 thousand square meters. meters. Diagnostic center equipped with modern surgical service equipment. Such a full-scale renovation in the history of the hospital for the first time.

As part of the modernization program in the surgical package is deployed travmotsentr 2nd level, a service area which will be the city of Orenburg and Orenburg region.

As part of the regional program "Improving medical care for patients with vascular disease in the Orenburg region in 2012, 2013." completed construction of a new 9-storey therapeutic body, Is building a warm transition, which will connect at the level of the 2nd floor of surgical and medical corps. The new hospital building will open primary vascular compartment.

October 2 started overhaul of the old therapeutic body.

The building of surgical cases are located on the surgical ward 55 beds, purulent surgery — 55 beds, neurosurgery — 45 beds, Vascular Surgery — 40 beds, a neurological — 50 beds, gynecological — 30 beds, a major operating unit, as well as 9 intensive care beds.

In the arsenal of physicians — a CT scanner, ultrasound, endoscopy, x-ray equipment, functional diagnostics, clinical and immunological laboratories. This allows you to perform all kinds of research, including the conduct of emergency diagnostics.

Expanding technological possibilities hospital. Pride of surgical services — recently acquired ultrasonic dissector. The unique equipment allows for large amounts of surgery to reduce the operations and their trauma. The specialists have performed several operations using the new technology.

In the surgical body completely replaced roofing systems, water supply, sewerage, heating, lighting, smoke ventilation and automatic smoke, made installation of individual heating unit, fire alarm and warning system, carried out civil works, doors and windows replaced with plastic, the floor around the body is laid out tile. The work was done on 117.8 million, in line with the state contract. The work is completed on time. Created comfortable conditions for patients and modern working conditions for the staff.

Surgical Service Hospital im.Pirogova works in all-day urgent mode: through the emergency room Corps held from 50 to 90 patients a day. Every year it receives about 30 thousand patients, one third of them are hospitalized. 5 million operations performed annually.

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