In Orsk (Orenburg region). Opened a new branch Radiology

In the city hospital number 4 Orsk (Orenburg region) inaugurated a new branch Radiology equipped with high-tech complex medical imaging General Electric.

Department of Radiology GB number 4 Orsk is established within the regional program of modernization of the health system of the Orenburg region, and is the only active center in the city of Orsk, which will annually receive up to 6,000 patients. Under this program, GE Healthcare has completed the delivery of 16 CT scanners Brighspeed Elite in various medical institutions of the Orenburg region. Department of Radiology Orsk also equipped with modern equipment GE Healthcare high-end, allowing to perform all the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Assembling the 16-slice CT scanner GE BRIGHTSPEEDTM carried out in the framework of an agreement between GE and MTU containment assembly of innovative computer tomographic equipment GE Healthcare in Russia. 

The agreement was signed in 2009, and the first realized project was the production of 16-slice CT scanner GE BRIGHTSPEEDTM. As of today, more than 150 vehicles set out in clinics in different regions of Russia, which is a confirmation of the high demand for the product.

Department of Radiology to provide a single line of advanced equipment from GE Healthcare extended three year warranty, which includes a 16-slice CT scanner Brightspeed Elite and magnetic resonance imaging expert class Optima MR450W. In addition to installing the equipment, the company has had a hospital support at all stages of the project, as well as providing full integration of equipment and assistance in training personnel for fast start-up department.

CT scanner BRIGHTSPEED Elite TM and magnetic resonance imaging Optima MR450w have an extensive range of clinical applications areas: neurology, emergency care, cardiology, pulmonology, digestive system, musculoskeletal system, and fully comply with the requirements of federal health care programs.

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