In Paris we robbed twice

Decided to talk about the trip on May Day celebrations in Paris. Probably, it will be interesting to many of our visitors. During perestroika I had visited many countries of the world. But what happened to me and my family in Paris this spring, never happened.

In April, decided to bring their wife and daughter (15 years old) in Paris. Purchased a voucher and have been in Paris 29.04.2008. The next day at 12-00 was ordered city tour. Punctually arrived minivan for up to eight passengers. His wife and daughter sat next to the driver. Very erudite French. Her name was Michelle. Placed himself in the third row, as in Paris, and much has already been seen. After we sat down to us from Peter family — husband, wife and son (8-10 years) and family a couple of Englishmen.

Tour is going well. Michelle had time to drive the car and still a lot to say in Russian and English about the sights of Paris.

After the Louvre, we turned onto a square where there is a monument to Napoleon. On one side is the Ministry of Justice of France, on the other boutiques. We turned to a special fare for sightseeing transportation (moving only in one row). It was at that moment and was the first event from which all sitting in our car were thrown into shock.

We all heard the slightest touch on something in the car right in front of (where my daughter was sitting).

In the next moment our car stopped and the right side of the windshield we saw a man (whether Arab, or light-skinned black man) in a motorcycle helmet. No one had time to think about how this type of said something to the Michel and his finger pointed at my daughter. The next moment, a terrible explosion deafened us, and the place where my daughter was sitting was covered with an expanding cloud of front side window.

Another moment — roared motor scooter and the two robbers fled crossing area.

All woke up in 10-15 seconds. To my happiness, my daughter was only slightly wounded lips. A minute later woke up my wife. It turned out that she had gone handbag (750 euros, a mobile phone). Some time later, the boy began to cry and beg to take him home, otherwise they will kill us all here. Police were waiting for 30-40 minutes. But she never showed up. Said to have turned to the station.

Perhaps in this case it would be sufficient for the story. But it turned out that it's not all adventure.

The second case. 04.05.2008, evening. Went to dinner. The next morning to fly home. The event, which took place on April 30, a little forgotten. My daughter suggested they go for a walk. Our hotel is located in the Opera area. I offered to go past the hapless monument to Napoleon.

I was in jeans. Purse put the right front pocket. It was only a credit card.

On the area to meet us by the daughter was a young man of 28-33. For 10-15 meters, he turned to us in Italian. I said on the machine: "No, Russian." The young man quickly starts chattering at the expense of Russian and Italian football. Praising the "Zenith", "Milan". At the same time we cross the course of the movement (we will automatically stop. I'm from the word "Zenith" relax), and stands next to me (about a meter). Face the course of our


Without stopping chattering, he began to make movements of the legs (especially the left) as a beat Italian and Russian players.

At the same time he was twice in these movements approached me on the right side, as if accidentally touched his left leg calf of my right leg. I could not help her lift the right leg. There were two touches. After that, the dance was over. And we went in different directions. After 10 meters of our movement, he called out to us and pointed to my purse on the sidewalk: "It's not yours?".

Here is the journey there. With a sense that not everything is OK in this kingdom, we are happy to come home. Impressions of Paris last long.

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