In Perm and Yelets (Lipetsk region). Opened kindergartens

December 11 in the Sverdlovsk region of Perm opened after the reconstruction of the municipal nursery school number 417 with 130 seats.

In general, in 2012 in Perm for preschoolers created nearly 2.7 million people. After repairs are open kindergartens in p.Lyamino Chusovskoi area Bolshoe Bushes Kuedinsky area Bolshoe Sosnová, s.Siva, put a new school garden in p.Solym Kosinski district. Until the end of the year will be commissioned three new kindergarten, restored 6 more kindergartens.

At the same time, the province carried out construction works on objects 8 to 815 seats, the final project for the construction of 11 kindergartens for 1,575 seats, a procedure carried out on the allocation of land for the construction of an additional 10 kindergartens, recovery started 8 buildings of the former nursery.

In Yelets (Lipetsk region). Reconstruction after a kindergarten "Daisy" has a capacity of 95 children. Kindergarten opened in one of the most densely populated areas of the city.

For Eltsa new kindergarten — a great event. Therefore, the opening came, dozens of young parents with children and representatives of the administration. The city has so far failed to fully address the question of priority in pre-school.

The plans of the administration Eltsa in 2015 year to repay the order in kindergartens. For this plan to remodel several buildings, and in the next year to build at least another two kindergartens.  

Sergey Panov, head Yelets: "In 2013, we plan to at least two kindergartens open. We will give a former children's home, where the minimum investment and the team is formed, and another 16 are planning to upgrade to additional garden space. " Reconstruction of "Daisies" — an initiative of the local authorities. To bring order out of the building in the city, regional and federal budgets have allocated more than 30 million rubles. Tomorrow will accept the first kindergarten kids.

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