In Peru, near Lake Titicaca discovered gigantic geoglyphs


According to reports that appeared in the Peruvian press, a researcher at the Polytechnic University of Turin, Amelia Carolina Sparavinya, discovered new giant geoglyphs in Peru.


According to Amelia, working with satellite imagery Google Earth, she explored a hill with elevation changes near Lake Titicaca, when they discovered the plot terrestrial relief, resembling a bird. "Some portions of the relief in the vicinity of Lake Titicaca have a clear symbolic meaning and can be considered as geoglyphs. Moreover, traces of pre-Columbian terraced agriculture are an important indicator of high engineering culture of people who lived in this region of Peru in ancient times," said Amelia Sparavinya. According to preliminary information, the geoglyphs cover an area of about 120,000 hectares.
Director of the Cultural Department of Puno, where is Lake Titicaca, offered a cautiously the sensational information, adding that in the area of the assumed geoglyphs went archaeologists. "At the moment, we can not claim the discovery of a new cultural heritage of Peru. Checking the facts require significant time and financial resources," the official said.

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