In Petrozavodsk, after the repair has opened a kindergarten

Infant school number 93 adopted children after repair. Major repairs were not here in 1981 — since the time of its construction. Now the building is made cosmetic repairs in all areas, set new fire doors, renovated and refurbished medical and food processing units. And most importantly — equipped emergency exits.

To ensure the safety of children in Petrozavodsk educational institutions in the city budget for 2012 provided for 40 million rubles. Only escape route for the equipment in kindergartens number 93 and number 100 sent to about 17 million.

Over the past three years, funding for education increased by almost five times, thus ensuring security in institutions, in accordance with modern requirements, perform repairs, to create additional space in the preschool, purchase new equipment. This work will continue the administration of the city and in the following year, and in the future — a phased renovation of all educational institutions.

The only institution that still does not open after repairs — Kindergarten number 100. Funds for the work were isolated from the economy to the highest bidder. Heads of contracting organizations who work at the facility, assured that the repair will be completed on time, and on November 1 will take small urban garden. The building is completed arrangement of emergency exits as prescribed fire inspection.

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