In Petrozavodsk invented nanofiltration for exhaust


Karelian scientists have invented a universal ecological filter capable of neutralizing the vehicle exhaust and clean the air in the room. One of the scientists used the invention in its "seven". This is the only car in the world with an environmental nanofiltration. Alexander Cockatoo is not afraid of no inspection, no entry standards "Euro-4". And, besides, the driver does not pollute the environment in their battered "seven". Carbon monoxide from the exhaust pipe of the vehicle enters the environment of five times smaller than any other.

The secret is in the pellets, which are made of a special alloy of titanium and aluminum, says chief engineer of scientific laboratory "Nela-oxide." To understand the "focus", increase the filter under a microscope to 20,000 times. The pores on the surface infested with manganese dioxide. Passing through a sieve, carbon monoxide reacts and is converted to normal carbon dioxide. But it is necessary to replace the manganese, for example, silver nanoparticles as a filter immediately change its properties. It will be the Eco filter that can purify the air and water, as well as neutralize the exhaust gases, says the head of the scientific laboratory "Nela-oxide", Professor Natalia Yakovleva. 

The discovery has allowed scientists to begin Karelian experimental production of wafers that can clean the air in a room or to disinfect room air conditioners, which are known to be dangerous bacteria can accumulate. The cost of manufacturing the plate minimum, the technology is simple, as is already known to use, cheap electrolytes, says engineer scientific laboratory "Nela-oxide" Kristina Stepanova. It is immediately recognized outside the scientific laboratory. The new technology is already used in the manufacture of fire robots. Eco filter also interested physicians: they may well be used in operating rooms and hospital wards. This year will be established and the prototype car filter. It seems that alone "seven" Alexander Kokateva ride is long.


Oleg Gornovskiy, NEWS 


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