In Petrozavodsk (Republic of Karelia) opened a modern kindergarten for 300 places (+ video)

On the eve of a key district opened a new kindergarten. To renovate the former elementary school has been allocated 45 million rubles. Now it houses the "Marmelandiya", which will take in the walls of some 300 young citizens of Petrozavodsk.

The building, which previously housed nearly twenty years of primary school, has been completely renovated. New nutrition unit, modern medical office, toys and furniture … "Marmelandiyu" is already being called one of the best pre-school institutions in the city. The commissioning of a kindergarten for key city program is almost completed back in pre-school education of the premises, which 90 years were in the non-core property owners.



As the head of Petrozavodsk Nikolay Levin, all of the buildings that could be restored, returned. In the current year remains only return two buildings: the former first children's home on the street in the neighborhood Sortavala Kukkovka and building at the fourth school in transshipment. The problem now is the construction of new kindergartens — it is assumed that there should be not less than nine, the mayor said the Petrozavodsk. For these purposes, this year alone 100 million planned city and national rubles. By the end of 2012 in Petrozavodsk, you should see a further 800 extra places in preschool.

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