In pursuit of material killing becomes a habit

Jean MINDUBAEV: Rotten hollow
Last summer, in the second half of the night came in the village Mating man barely alive. Was beaten to blood, his hands cuffed. He begged him to open the door. But no one has responded to pleas — and the windows are all watching. Night alien crashed near the fence. Only when the light, someone dared to go outside … It turns out that the sufferer, which, at its "Gazelle" was driving somewhere goods, stopped on the highway three kilometers from mating. Thrown out of the car, beaten, robbed of money, handcuffed — and dumped in the woods. When he awoke, he walked up to the light, for help. But people are afraid to leave their homes …

Morning sawed "grinder" unfortunate chain on the handcuffs and taken to the highway, the traffic police station …

Since then, the expectation was trouble in the village everyday … If before the neighbors slept with the windows open, if the beast slept quietly on the lawn near the monastery, and collected cucumbers were left in a bucket right at the fence, but now every house in viscous after dark tightly shut, and shuts , is closed. And every yard has brought two dogs.

Huddled village, shrank from insecurity. And everyone was on his own, and everyone thought that maybe his troubles but somehow elude …

But is that the only one village reigns now fear?

The last years of our existence we have revealed a situation which can be described as follows: gangster lawlessness and civil helplessness. Now the feeling of inherent safety, which has always been inherent in life, is the essence of a healthy mindset. The streets of the big cities are empty now after eight in the evening, in the towns and cities can not leave your car on the street, in the countryside can not get into the garden, do not shut the door on the highway … hut — robberies in homes — metal locks and bars on the windows. And behind them — police cap or guard.

In short — not a peaceful country, and the area is saturated with fear. Not a day goes by that people do not trembling from the crimes committed in various parts of the vast Russia.

I know not whether there is a statistic somewhere that captures the motivation of criminal offenses committed in Russia. Put simply, why, and why should people kill, rape, maim each other? Just because they are small pensions and salaries? Because heavy conditions — no running water, asphalt, clinics, pharmacies and other municipal facilities? Or just because it's too humane laws (for example, abolished the death penalty for a serious crime)?

Of course, the causes of crime are different.

But I think that most of the incentive — our commercialism, driven to the point of mental illness. This applies to the billionaire, "bought" the killers of his competitor. And drinker loafers, kills own grandmother for a bottle of vodka.

And last, just brutal crime in the Krasnodar Territory? After all, there were cut kids just for the money!

What to do? That oppose lawlessness, now terrorizing the whole of Russia?

Duma deputies talked to tighten sanctions, the Russian president has decided to reshape the police to the police, municipalities are reviving militias, public figures need to reason with TV channels, generously treated to scenes of violence Russians.

And the whole of Russia (including myself) together indignant: "Why the death penalty!"

Perhaps all this is to do. More precisely, it was necessary to do. And even yesterday, and the day before. And the laws should be more stringent. And the certainty of punishment must be unshakeable. And integrity of the police and the courts to appear righteous.

But is that we should be concerned?

Today I want to set the start (I think) the reason vpadaniya Russian society into a criminal nightmare.

Yes, the state should prevent us from specific offenders. It is — it is his duty, his duty to the citizens.

But forget for a while the state. Let's look at a world where a tiny man, who appeared just born, still knows nothing about the state, or the laws of any of the legal order. He is just beginning to comprehend certain tenets of human society. Look at the world in which the main mentors and affirmative differently-shaped human qualities is a Z father — mother — my grandmother — my grandfather — his uncle — aunt. That is — we all are. Each of us.

That absorbs the child's soul, which understands the moral precepts, which is equal to, that hears and sees every hour at home, in day care, school?

The risk of offending our very easily excited society — but to tell the truth. And it is that age-old commandment: Be honest, do not change the truth, not on someone else's zarsya not envy wealth — these fundamental precepts now committed to absolute oblivion.

What's more: they ridiculed and humiliated. Only the material — and only it — is now the measure of success, prosperity, and dignity. Competitiveness in the possession onym is now the main concern of the Russian population. Outdo, boasting, to find at all costs the "most-most", which will provide you the total number of — that's what a headache million.

And is not education, integrity, diligence, kindness, honesty — and of other parameters of the human person.

And not because we have legions of young Russians who in the pursuit of material prepared for anything? Even kill infants in the same Krasnodar …

I think, in our very diverse and controversial country, something happened that during the Soviet period (in years seventieth of the last century) was determined with the words "Do not stand the test of prosperity." Even then, psychologists, sociologists, journalists noticed: even the first stirrings of personal well-being of Russian citizens have generated a surge of envy, greed, ignoring the many moral imperatives.

And now, with the sickening dishonesty of our neo-capitalism? Let's face it: Russian society was simply disastrous run wild.

And this is unlikely — I am not afraid of the term — the mass insanity of my countrymen can only be stopped by the police or fear of punishment. Then, to put it in medical terms, we need an injection of some other, more focused, more complicated and less painful medicines.

Remember, the murderer Raskolnikov in Dostoevsky needed money. And he has long suffered, before killing the old woman money-lender. Cruel necessity of survival, pushing on offense, very painful for the criminal. Now, perhaps, this threshold was gone, melted away, evaporated, as atavism. How to restore it? What should I do to make today's criminal ax trembled and stood not only for the penalty — but was stopped speaking pompously, the moral consciousness of man?

That is the task on which we fight and fight. Everyone — lawmakers, law enforcement officers, politicians, businessmen, teachers. But the main thing — the most dads, moms, grandparents, aunts, uncles, as I mentioned above …

Once again (for the correct understanding): the Russian society is not only a problem related to the improvement of zakonoulozheny, case or performance. This, in my opinion — the most important. How to reason with unrestrained greed virus, how to rise above the rabid commercialism, how to get rid of the feeling that only the "golden calf" can make you happy — this is a puzzle to fall down on us together with the attributes of the "free market" and the frantic "nyukapitalizma" …

"People are dying for metalll" — how long before us and how truly noticed!

These — perhaps naively — thought, I want to finish the story about the fate of the old willow near the village pond. She grew up she wore for decades — and did not seem to be her final term: so strong and portly she was among her friends.

But once rustled the pond medium strength storm. And we saw in the morning seems to be a powerful, invincible willows completely defeated. Blockages in the pond, it is a sad sight.

— Hollow guilty — Determining the cause of the crash willow grandfather Kuzmich, the collective farm blacksmith. — Ate it at all … the willows

That hollow us boys, was well known. According to our stupidity and it came: we plant fires under that tree, poked him in every way … because no one has explained to us that it should not do that willow should be protected.

A popular wisdom, which states that "the rotten tree holes do not," we still did not know …

Billion large

In the American town of Twin Falls Idaho seedy police arrested a man who tried to put in the bank $ 1 billion. Each bill was worth 1 million. Hitrovan believed that local is not aware of the fact that such bills had been issued. Denominations were quite good. And the bank's employees, in principle, prepared to accept them. But at the last moment something stopped them. Unfortunately, the sources are silent — that's it.

Free fine

In Bulgaria, the police have the right to impose any traffic fines, ranging from speeding and parking violations finishing. At first glance, we have the same thing. But there is a nuance that makes Russian motorists jealous Bulgarians with all the colors of envy. Fined is only a piece of paper, as in the law of Bulgaria are not spelled out exactly where to pay. Most motorists do not pay nothing. So last year was paid for only 6% of fines. For their violations on the roads honestly pay only foreigners who are not aware of such circumstances. But the question is: if there is no place to pay a fine, then it pays to all foreigners and six percent of Bulgarians?

Yellow tomatoes

German Deutsche-Plevako solicitors and drivers were unable to come up with punishment for the unemployed extremist rushing tomato in the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. It turned out that the tomato, throw in the chancellor, was yellow. If the fruit was red, the unemployed would get a free radical small punishment. If the fruit was green, the punishment would have been more. Because green is harder red and hit hard.

But the fact of the matter is that throw ektremistom fetus was not red and green, and yellow. Like not spelled out in the Constitution of the Federal Republic. The judges are still in the procedural and legal impasse and found a way out: "In this case, the decision to build on the density of the fruit." Density measured, but the sentence was never carried out.

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