In Samara Gazelle went into the ground on the road

In Samara, at the intersection of Krasnodonskoye and Young Pioneers "Gazelle" trapped Photo: Julia Volkova

Morning rain did the dirty deed. Water flooded pit at the intersection Krasnodonskoye and Young Pioneers. And it landed with all his "Gazelle".
I was in a hurry to work, drove under 100 kilometers — has admitted to "KP" driver. — Heavy rain, the road was flooded, nothing to see, I thought that he was a puddle. It all happened in seconds, stroke, and put his face on the steering wheel. Out of the car and saw that she's bumper went under ground.

In Samara "Gazelle" went into the ground on the road.  Photo: Julia Volkova

An eyewitness of the accident, Alexander Malakhov said that if the pit landed passenger car, you could be a victim.

— I have been diligently making the rounds that pit party — said Malakhov. — I knew that it sure somebody will fly. There is still a shower and went and washed away the plot. In general, such pits on Krasnodonskoye much. The road is divided into the trash, and the one before it does not matter.

Driver "Gazelle" (left) was not injured in the accident Photo: Julia Volkova
Two versions of PE. According to the first in this area has recently changed the pipes, and water utility workers allegedly not completely filled pit. Version number 2: the accident occurred due to poor patching, or rather its absence. Little Spring pit turned into a very big fault of road services. Who is responsible for spoiled gazelle, which also has a service and, as to the result. And we will tell, what's the matter ended.

Yulia Volkova

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