In southern Azerbaijan, heavy rains

In the night of 5 to 6 September in the southern regions of the country there are heavy rains.

According to local APA, as a result of crop land showers and private sector in a number of places were flooded. Due to the fact that the area was flooded highway Alat — Astara highway that goes through the village Parakend Lankaran and Astara Tengeryud village, the movement of cars on the highway is limited. The rivers and canals increased water content. Highway Lankaran-Lerik and Masalli-Yardimli are open to traffic. Heavy rain also caused problems with providing some mountain communities with electricity.

Told APA Emergency Commission districts, the government did not received any complaints about the consequences caused by the rains.

Heavy rain continues to this day.

Due began on the night of September 6, heavy rains flooded more than 100 private homes in the village Tangeryud Astara region of Azerbaijan. According to the Azerbaijani news agency APA, killing pets owned by local residents, food and food supply deteriorated.

Due to flooding also suspended its work village kindergarten, hit a stone wall around the village secondary school.

Due to flooding stormwater site Alat-Astara highway at 290-300 km — just that portion which passes through the village Tangeryud, restrict the movement of cars. The rains have damaged seed and rural areas.

Recall that during the spring floods in 2010 in Azerbaijan was flooded 100 hectares of agricultural land, resulting in the injury of 20 000 farms. The Azerbaijani government has allocated $ 375 million for flood relief, but the funds have been distributed unfairly or simply stolen.

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