In space, found hot water


Scientists have found a large amount of water vapor heated to a temperature of about 700 degrees Celsius, surrounded by old stars, rich in carbon. This is contrary to current views kosmohimikov. This was reported in a paper published in the journal Nature.

Astronomers have analyzed the spectra of infrared radiation from the star IRC +10216, the fixed space telescope "Herschel". This star is related to the class of red giant is gradually aging and increases in size. Its atmosphere is rich in carbon, which links were thought until recently, all the available oxygen in carbon monoxide, RIA "Novosti".

In 2001, scientists discovered in her line of infrared radiation characteristic of the water, which, according to cosmochemical model could not be. Now it turned out that these lines in the spectrum is in fact much more, and many of them reflect the proximity of the star of large amounts of energy of the excited water molecules, which corresponds to heat the steam to 700 degrees Celsius.

Water from the nearby star is much greater than previously thought, it could not have come here only at the expense of small celestial bodies. Rather, it was formed by the interaction of oxygen formed in the interior of the star in the fusion reactions, the hydrogen surrounding the star.

The reason for the contradiction is experimentally observed data in a heterogeneous environment stars, the so-called circumstellar envelope formed by gas and dust accumulations. Detection of water in the depths of the circumstellar shell carbon star reveals the lack of knowledge about how the development of such stars in the later stages of life.

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