In St. Petersburg, a monument to General Bagration

September 7 in St. Petersburg — the day the grand opening of the monument to Hero of the War of 1812, General Pyotr Bagration

On the former parade ground Semenov (in square at Young People's Theatre), the grand opening of the monument to the hero of the War of 1812 Peter Bagration.

On the solemn occasion of profit Federation Council Senator Vadim Tulip, who thanked for this monument to Georgy Poltavchenko sponsor Alexander Ebralidze. The next speaker, sponsor stressed that this monument, "the Georgian — Russian general" will show the current government of Georgia that no one can drive a wedge between our two countries.

Came to the ceremony and the representative of Georgia Zurab Chavchavadze Prince, which is a gorgeous Russian language heartily thanked the city government for the put a monument to General.

As the correspondent of "WP" in the administration of the Admiralty district, near the monument ennobled area: planted a new lawn, paved paths, installed pedestal for the monument.

— Ended on the eve of the final preparations — fixing on the pedestal of the monument — added in the press-service. — Pedestal consists of several pieces of red granite, and its total weight is about 30 tons.

It should be noted that the monument is open to the first day of the Battle of Borodino. However, until recently, his fate was in question. Petersburg sculptor Jan Neumann won the competition back in 2008, but the decree of the governor of St. Petersburg on a monument in the eastern part of the former parade ground Semenovski that housed Life Guards Semenov regiment commando that was Peter Bagration, appeared only in the middle of the summer.


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