In St. Petersburg, opened the season fountains

April 19 St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "Vodokanal" opened the 2013 season fountains.

The first to start working two fountains: "Shar", located on the Neva, 56, and another — on Manezh Square (Novo-Manezhny square). These fountains open the season in St. Petersburg for the third year in a row. However, this year due to the late start of spring fountains postponed for a week.

April 20 will earn fountains in the square near the Kazan Cathedral and Voronikhin lattice. 21st — fountains in the square outside the Winter Palace, a pedestrian zone Vasilevsky Island (7th line), the Alexander Garden.

Also in April, will include fountains in St. Nicholas garden fountain "Boy with a duck" in the Tauride Gardens and "Putti" in Vvedenskoye garden fountains in the garden of the Smolny Institute, at the Palace of Sports "Jubilee," fountains "bowl" and "Girl with a fish" in Zelenogorsk and several others. May 1 will be launched fountains in Kronstadt — "Fish," "Pearl," "The Water Carrier" and the fountain in the square at the city museum. The fountain at the arcade (Sovetskaya str., 51) will work on 4 May.

Large fountain complexes — in Lenin Square and the Moscow area — will begin work on May 9.


This season, for the first time after the renovation will start working fountain in the garden of the Palace of Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich on the street. Pisarev — it will include in June (the fountain at the time was referred to Vodokanal almost exploded). In the process of reconstruction has been restored granite bowl fountain, designed filtration system and automatic water circulation.

In late August, must earn a fountain in the South Seaside Park Victory — renovated.

All in all, now in the economic management "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" is 66 fountains and fountain 4 complex. In the 2013 season will run 38 fountains, the rest are for the repair and reconstruction (or — preparing for reconstruction).

In 2010, the administrations of the city together with the State Unitary Enterprise "Vodokanal" conducted technical examination of 141 city fountain. More than 70 fountains, it was decided the need to restore. Now the process of transfer of these fountains on the balance sheet, then it will be considered the question of their reconstruction. Many of them are not in working condition, it is often — in fact just the flower beds (such as fountains in the street Komsomol, 1, have been transferred to Vodokanal in 2011 and is now included in the program of reconstruction).

Some of the fountains on which the decision to restore the already transferred to the economic management of water utility, for example, Lyubashinskom fountain in the garden, on the third Krasnoarmejsky street, Stachek on the street. Shcherbakov.

The new season of WSC appeals to the citizens and guests of St. Petersburg with the traditional request — to take care of the fountains. Last season was not easy for the Petersburg fountains. For example, during the Day of Navy specialists water utility had to temporarily disable a few times fountains, fountain bowls when going to too many swimmers. From time to time during the summer in a bowl fountain hooligans poured foam or paint. In particular, in the summer on the actions of vandals damaged fountain "Girl with a fish" in Zelenogorsk. Get and fountains in the Tauride Gardens, on Manezh Square (Novo-Manezhny park), near the Palace of Sports "Jubilee", the Kazan Cathedral, fountain complex at the Finland Station and the Moscow area. They suffered poured out of foaming agents and vandalism that broke several underwater lights. In addition, several fountains were broken glass construction and stolen fountain nozzle.

Who decides whether WSC equipment fountains cameras: a project for reconstruction of concrete fountains such an opportunity will be provided. While surveillance cameras are installed at the fountains in Lomonosov, at Moscow Victory Park and fountain complex in the Moscow area. Next to the fountain on the Square complex. Lenin is point guard.

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