In the center of Volgograd photographed the doors to parallel worlds?


Travel to other worlds — a favorite subject of science fiction. But now, apparently, he has a chance to become
In any case, so the researchers believe Volgograd psychics and paranormal phenomena. They came to the area of Fallen Fighters, to explore open them here anomalous zone.

Entrance to the Otherworld

— Here, near the Eternal Flame, is one of the most powerful in the region portal to another reality! — I immediately taken aback Volgograd psychic Irina Dubrovskaja. — Psychics see it, and ordinary people feel. Therefore, some rush to get away from here, the other, on the contrary, this place inspires: After sitting on a bench near the Eternal Flame and think, people find a way out of the most confusing situation, or seek out a solution for a long time … I am suffering problems This is no accident.


You've probably heard or read about that in some parts of the world people and objects can disappear without a trace in front of astonished witnesses. In such cases, psychics usually say that it move to a "parallel world" or "another dimension".

These sites, along and across the trodden by millions of pilgrims who are scattered all over the globe. They have something special and "long-playing" — initially attracted many Gentiles, and then became a platform for the early Christian and Muslim shrines and temples. What kind of power is concentrated here?

Perhaps there is concentrated the power of human desire — the energy and intent of millions of people performing the ceremony in the holy place.

Now we are going to explore one of these mysterious places — from the Avenue of Heroes to the square of the area of the fallen fighters.

From minus to plus


Armed with a special dowsing rods, which are often used in their work psychics, healers and even geologists, we go from the Eternal Flame in the direction of the zero kilometer — all negative energy, minus.

— Here is a place of sorrow, there were fights, perished and buried a lot of people, — says an expert on dowsing Boris Zaitsev. — For a long time to be in this place, I would not advise: headache will get worse health.
To become zero kilometer — frames back together, but the negative is less. Here newlyweds traditionally make a wish for a happy family life.
— I do not advise to do it, — Boris Fedorovich shakes his head — no favorable energy.

Go ahead. We go up to the podium, which in Soviet times, the leaders welcomed the masses of the people at demonstrations. Frames are beginning to literally dance in his hands.
— Perhaps under us is the power cable or power geopathic zone, because the place is very negative — says "lokatorschik."

We enter into a public garden in zatribunnoy part of what is now the foundation stone, symbolizing the future construction on the site of the temple of Alexander Nevsky. The picture changes dramatically.
— Here is a very nice place — said Zaitsev — such a high energy is a pure source in namolennye shrine.

This is weird. Because the historical site of the temple exploded Bolsheviks, not here in front of the Medical Academy, where a few years ago erected a chapel of Alexander Nevsky. As you know, during its construction was found destroyed facade of the temple and even Vasnetsov murals that decorated the cathedral.


— Nevertheless, congratulations: you have discovered portal, — says Irina Dubrovskaja, all this time were close to us, but not to interfere in the investigation. — This is the place for its clean energy — one of the most favorable in our city. I do not know where you can go through this portal, possibly in parallel worlds, in a different reality …

Strangers go here!

— This is the only portal in our city? — I'm interested.
— No, there are others — convinced psychic — for example, a very strong place is on the ring of light rail in the Voroshilov district, but experiment with it I do not advise anyone: you can "fall" in time and did not get back to our reality. Great location — the portal to the statue of a guardian angel in the park Sasha Filippova, not accidentally became a place of pilgrimage for the townspeople. Here, make a wish — and they come true! This means that the portal has found the real entry point.

But why do occur portals? Explanation may be several.
— First, all the sacred sites have geophysical anomalies — says physicist, researcher of anomalous phenomena Vladimir Chernov. — Gravity, temperature, radiation, saturation ions is higher or lower than the background level. Perhaps because under these areas, as a rule, are tectonic faults of the Earth's crust.
Second, most of the places of pilgrimage associated with the position and movements of various astronomical objects visible from there. And at certain times due to cyclical movements of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars are occurring bursts of high-energy charged particles.

— Pilgrims are hundreds and thousands of years are going to such places — he says — where a mysterious power awakens and develops a sense of compassion, wisdom, peace of mind and respect for people. What is lacking today …

"Breakdown" and "black holes"

— In addition, our understanding of time as a linear object, the current in a straight line, out of date, — the physicist. — Recent research scholars say that the time is wound coils, like a thread on a spool, and the past exists alongside the future. But sometimes occur between turns "breakdowns" — and then there are "black holes". They are like a tornado funnel forming an air tunnel between heaven and earth, wandering, moving on their own, yet unknown to us, the laws, drawing in people, objects, animals, completely disappearing from our lives. Moreover, the Soviet physicist Tcherkashin was convinced that there is a special chronal field of the planet. Extra-long tunnels, super-deep shaft, ultra-high towers are changing the movement of time, just as dams and channels change the flow of rivers. The railway network in the world, as a metal mesh covering with a certain density of our continents, also influences the course of time. There are other possibilities to explain the existence of anomalous zones: Underground River (on land) and ocean currents create a massive crater and rotating bodies affect the course of time. No doubt some portals fall into this category. In short, the planet like a lot of places: there is a stable zone violations of the normal structure of space-time, as well as those that occur at a time, and then "slam" …

Source: "Your paper"

Author: Daniel FUMES, photo by the author.

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