In the Company CTP is running as unification of products

At the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant for the first time in the history of the company is made bulldozers party with universal frames and bridges. The press service of the Uralvagonzavod.

Issue six cars with the updated base marked the beginning of the serial program to unify the production of tractors, parts and components. It will help to quickly respond to market demands while satisfying consumer demands.

Replacing the 53 kinds of frames to allow eight universal tractor-mounted on crawler mechanisms virtually any domestic and imported engines, including diesel engines "T" series, for which the company will start production in 2013.

The plant reduces the list and the other components, reducing the time and cost of production preparation. The principle of uniformity of the designers will apply to model the operator's station. The operator of the plant will offer four types of cabins, each of which will be provided regular places for the air conditioner and heater.

The unification will affect the models themselves road-building machinery. Today the company offers 237 modifications of the machine to the end of 2012, their number should be reduced to 167.

"Now, depending on the wishes of the customer, we can change the model of the machine, even at the stage of assembly. Thus, the selection of the desired option was possible in all phases of the process, including the stage of final assembly operations ", — Deputy Technical Director of CTZ on engineering developments Viktor Ivanov.

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