In the District of Surgut cardiology clinic opened a new branch

This will provide specialized care to patients in remote areas.

January 31, 2013, with the support of the Department of Health in the District cardiology clinic was inaugurated cardiology department with 20 beds with a study of functional diagnostics. Accommodation department produced by optimizing the use of available space cardiology clinic and improve the utilization of funds and human resources agencies.

Cardiology department was the seventh structural unit for the 15-year period of operation of cardiac surgery hospital. According to experts, this is a new type of office, which has modernized its arsenal with functional diagnostics and complex cardiac rehabilitation methods on the basis of already created Department of Rehabilitation. Power department will annually provide specialized care routine about 700 cardiac patients from remote areas of the autonomous region after acute ischemic attacks.

"The first prerequisite for the deployment of the cardiology department of the District-based cardiology clinic was the need to align: right patient for the provision of routine cardiac care within the program of state guarantees and security of Yugra cardiology beds that primarily affects people in rural areas," — Said the chief doctor of OKD "CD and MHS" Irina Urvantseva.

The department planned to treat patients with diseases of the circulatory system in the stage of progression of the disease and decompensation, including with no effect on the standard drug treatment, carried out in health facilities district. That is the most severe category of patients who need to render complex cardiology, cardiac surgery and rehabilitation with the latest medical technologies, which can be performed only in a hospital cardiology clinic of the District.

"The residents of the city of Nizhnevartovsk and district are also patients of the District Cardiology Clinic: receive out-patient consultations, the necessary volume of cardiac care, including emergency — are patients with acute coronary syndrome in need of intervention therapies. Opening of the new cardiology department will improve the quality of care, supervision and treatment for the benefit of all residents of the district. Therefore, it is our common joy " — Said the chief cardiologist Nizhnevartovsk Svetlana Voronina.

Accumulated clinical experience will be used in the educational process in the cycle of training for cardiologists and physicians functional diagnosis district health facilities as at the Department of Cardiology, Medical University Surgut State University, established on the basis of our institution, and during the course of training in the workplace in the District cardiology dispansere.Tirazhirovanie and the use of a regional cardiac care organization model of common knowledge will improve the level of continuity between the various health care professionals Ugra. This will undoubtedly help to reduce mortality and improve the prognosis of life in these patients.

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