In the Khabarovsk Territory regime introduced by the flood disaster

In the Khabarovsk Territory regime introduced by the flood disaster

Commission for Emergency Situations of the Khabarovsk Territory has decided to impose emergency mode in the Lazo region. It floods inundated houses and gardens in several locations.

No luck and villages Ekaterinoslavka Pereyaslavka, located in the floodplain Kyi. In the first 11 houses are flooded, and the second — 117. Residents try to save the furniture and valuables, raising them in the attic, and calculate the damage: many remained without potatoes and vegetables for the winter.

In total, according to the district head Alexander Lazo Yatsa to date in the area of flooding are 11 settlements, 455 homes. 332 people evacuated. According to the regional Ministry of Agriculture, substantially damaged agricultural enterprises — their loss is more than a thousand acres of forage and about 140 acres of soybeans and potatoes.

-To eliminate the consequences of the flood involved large appliances. Population provided with clean drinking water, bread. Municipal authorities exercise podomovoy bypass, communicate with residents, perform their prayers — said Rij.

Currently, the river Kya the settlements Ekaterinoslavka Pereyaslavka and a gradual lowering of the water level, the situation on the ground control operations group MOE. In communities affected by the floods, carried podvorovy bypass. Meanwhile, the flood crest on the river Kya moving to towns and Mogilevka Grodekovo, which is also expected to rise in water level. Possible flooding of lowlands and gardens. As reported in the Far Eastern Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, the flood crest is located at the mouth of the river one at the confluence of the Ussuri, the rise of water continues only in the village and the river Novosovetskoe Podkhorenok in Vyazma area. The village Dormidontovka flooding floodplain should block the dam. In general, for two days the water is expected to decline by 50-80 centimeters.

All the forces and means of the territorial level MES are ready. Khabarovsk Territory Government is considering the possibility of compensation to injured residents and farmers.

Irina Stepura

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