In the lens student from York got a strange UFO with wings and naked body


Vladimir Lagowski

York resident Abby Linfut (Abbey Linfoot), 22-year-old student at the University of Newcastle (Newcastle University) visited Germany. And in the Bavarian city of Nuremberg took a photo of something strange.

-I filmed cityscapes — says the girl. — And when I started to view them, I saw a creature with wings.
"Live," Abby nobody noticed.

Englishwoman just took off the street and did not see anyone flying. Accurately identify the object of one girl's friends could not. Her mother suggested that this cherub. Boyfriend thought that the shot hit very plump fairy. He "saw" her naked body with massive buttocks and breasts.


The photo also appeared UFO — a student can not determine what it is. But she Abby "sinning" by aliens. Believes that UFOs photographed, to be exact — alien. And could not see his plump body and the suit with a big helmet.


It is not excluded that in the photo just a blurry image of a certain bird. Or some kind of insect flying dragonfly or butterfly. But as long as it is not obvious. Confused partial illusory object. A more "legs" and what appeared to be a bust.

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