In the Middle Kingdom, it turns out, sometimes the aliens abduct people


SHANGHAI, Nov. 14. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS /. While the Chinese launch navigation satellites, astronauts are sent to near space, dream of flying to the moon, the Celestial may already master aliens. It's hard to believe, but judging by the publication of the Chinese newspaper "China Daily", in China, which for three decades, was able to make an economic miracle that anything can happen.

Hero of the unbelievable stories became simple Chinese peasant Meng Zhaoguo from the northeastern province of Heilongjiang. He says that at one time had been abducted flown to Earth by space aliens and even had intimate relations with an alien. It was three meters tall and had six fingers on each hand. The farmer never been a fantasy and did not write fiction literary opus. Moreover, even Maine has passed a polygraph test and psychiatrists. Their verdict — a person of sound mind and memory. And he himself was, in truth, never believed in the existence of aliens, and did not even think about it, in fact, his whole life was in obtaining a livelihood. "I never believed in aliens until they met them, — he told reporters," China Daily. "- And when you see, you start to believe."

Notice of the meeting mystical Maine Zhaoguo caused a two-fold response in Chinese society — and skepticism, and full of confidence. Meanwhile, it is seriously interested in Chinese ufologists. Especially this interest fueled the emergence in June an unidentified flying object over the airport "Xiaoshan" in Hangzhou / Zhejiang East /, resulting in his work was interrupted by one hour. In September, there was a new case — UFO stopped in September in Baotou airport operations / Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia /. Information about the unexplained phenomena are flocking to the Beijing UFO Research Organization. Their number is increasing almost every year. According to the Secretary General of the Organization Zhou Xiaoqiao, who was part of the group that investigated the incident in Hangzhou airport "Xiaoshan", in 2008, such reports received about 100, and this year more than 200. By the way, he is skeptical that a UFO flying aliens.

Meanwhile, a researcher at the Observatory of the Academy of Sciences of Nanjing in Jiangsu Province of China Wang owl is adamant that UFO reports in China "more trustworthy than those that come from other countries." Smaller and information on abductions by aliens. A representative of the International Chinese UFO Association Zhang Qingping believes that people should not think that they are the only ones in space. "Earthlings invented airplanes landed on the moon. Why then is it not possible that aliens are visiting Earth?" — He said, "China Daily".

Indeed, why not?

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