In the Moscow region Trekhgorka opened the first health care facility

April 12, 2013 in the district "Trekhgorka" Odintsovo branch was opened clinic number 4, paragraph ambulance

New health facility located at ul. Chistyakova on 22 of built-in and attached premises residential building, which was built by the Group of companies "SU-155" in the Residential District. The room of 380 square meters. m SC "SU-155" donated Odintsovo district in September 2011, the necessary equipment is purchased on the budget, medical staff is fully staffed — Clinic today received its first patients.

Health care clinics in the branch will be able to receive up to 100 residents of neighborhoods "Trekhgorka" and "New Trekhgorka" per shift, reception will conduct general practitioners, obstetrician, dentist, surgeon, clinic specialists will provide diagnostic and treatment services: ultrasound, ECG, research Clinical laboratory X-ray, and others. In May 2013 in the "Trekhgorka" is scheduled to open children's clinic for residents of both neighborhoods.


When health care facility will be on duty emergency team who will be able to arrive as quickly as possible to challenge the residents and provide medical assistance.

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the clinic authorities Odintsovo district and Minister of Health, Moscow region Nina Suslonova. According to her, in the Odintsovo district, Moscow region decided to open a clinic of small format, one of these just opened today in Trekhgorka. In addition, as an experiment in the Odintsovo district will develop a network of "mikropoliklinik" small "family" of medical institutions.

Construction of social and domestic purposes in the "Trekhgorka" is scheduled for the end of 2012 together with the management of the plan. In the first half of the 2014 Civil Code, "SU-155" plans to launch another clinic in the "New Trekhgorka", designed for 500 daily visits with adult and children's sections, as well as the ambulance station.

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