In the Moscow subway possessed by the devil


This is a video surveillance camera in one of the carriages, leaked to the Internet thanks to the Metro employee who wishes to remain anonymous. In the video, notice that in the near left window train starts to appear the girl's face. Within a few seconds a person repeatedly appears and disappears. Then, on closer examination shows up as a ghost on the glass rises subtantsiya. Judging by Timecode record these mysterious events took place on September 9 last year, just after midnight (ie, 09.09.09).


Among the members of the underground has long been a legend that in one of the cars of Protection Arbat-line window appears in the girl's face. This happens every 9th of September each year. It all began in 1999, when this car for six months occurred five seizures of epilepsy, all girls aged 12 to 18 years. Medical examination of girls showed that none of them was sick. Tried to hush up the incident and they have not received wide publicity in the press, but since there is a rumor about the cursed car in which there are "bad" things. And now this story was documented.





According to the person who sent video guide underground to even think to ask for the help of the clergy to perform the ritual of exorcism (Latin for "exorcism"). The ritual must be served on September 9, the day when, in a subway car unexplained things.

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