In the Novosibirsk region appeared movable complex operational management

Head of the region have been presented opportunities mobile control the liquidation of emergency situations, also on the basis of a complex Vasily Yurchenko held a conference call with representatives of municipalities of the Novosibirsk region. Moveable items of operational controls are designed to work in the field. The work was carried out and moveable items used in the region, but now the professionals more comfortable conditions. If in the area during the emergency destruction of infrastructure, rolling stock complex in the 4-5 road vehicles extends to the area of the emergency, and at its base is the work of the task force, the subject of leadership and other structures. In the first set of operational control has 8 workstations and meeting room. As the deputy head of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Novosibirsk region (crisis management) Dmitry Yongin, before the year is planned to put into service two cars of similar modifications. In particular, the complex life support with seating, reception and cooking. "The system allows from 3 to 10 days in the field to operate autonomously in emergency situations," — said Dmitry Yongin. Also in the plans in early 2014 to put into service a mobile communication center, which is a key element of the complex provides a stable and high-quality communication.    



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