In the Odessa region earned a modern terminal for the storage and transshipment of oil

At the grand opening was attended by the governor of the Odessa region, Eduard Matviychuk and investor — Chairman of the Board of Allseeds Group Public Co. Limited Vyacheslav Petrishchev.


The terminal is the first modern solvent-extraction plant, the completion of which is scheduled for November 2014. In the future, the plant will process 1,700 tons of seeds, 1,400 tons of rapeseed, 1.2 million tons of soybeans per day. The terminal consists of a workshop on the Admission of vegetable oil, where for 35-50 minutes four trucks can unload tanks with a volume of 45 cubic meters and storage — 12 huge tanks with a capacity of 5 tons and 3000, as well as 3 of buffer tanks with volume of 300 cubic meters . The total capacity of the terminal — about 40,000 tons of oil per month.
"As head of the region feel a deep satisfaction when opening a new facility, creating new jobs with high wages when there are companies that increase our industrial capacity," — said Edward Matviychuk.

Already, the terminal began to take oil from other regions of Ukraine, including — Zaporozhye and Vinnitsa regions. And then — the accumulated amount of product through the pipeline to the jetty port Yuzhne, laid under the ground, will be loaded on ships — food tankers.

Work on the terminal is organized in shifts — 7-8 people for 12 hours (2 days a week), the system of "day-night", the average salary — 5500 hryvnia.

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