In the Omsk region opened the third stage of greenhouses and greenhouse plant Agro-Culture

Greenhouses and greenhouse complex "Agro-Culture" on December 4 opened the third turn greenhouse.

Power greenhouses intended for growing at least 700 tonnes per year cucumber. Established as the Dutch salad line, which enables the production of 1.5 million pieces of lettuce. Greenhouse operates in nonstop conveyor. Every day you sow seeds of the next 6,000 pots. And as much as the crop harvested pots with bunches of green. In general, from the territory of greenhouses and greenhouse plant, numbering three acres of greenhouse area covered ground, shipped daily to customers from 5 to 7 tons of fresh vegetables. The implementation of the investment project for the construction of the fourth and fifth hectares of greenhouses provide further creation of 40 new jobs.


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