In the Orel region imported batch of breeding pigs from Canada

18.12.2012g. in LLC "Znamenskii SGC" (Orel Orel region) breeding pigs imported from Canada — just 141 head.

All the animals at the clinical examination found to be healthy and transferred to the recipient for quarantine.

During quarantine, the necessary measures will be provided for the veterinary requirements for import into the customs territory of the Customs Union and (or) transfer between the Parties breeding and pigs, were approved by the Commission of the Customs Union on 18.06.2010 number 317.

The Center's mission: to provide producers of pork pig breeding parental F-1, parental boars and the world's best seed geneticsto produce commercial hybrids with high economic, production rates and the best quality meat.

The concept of development of pig Russia on the basis of a system of genetic centers and specialized fattening farms for the period 2008 — 2020g.g. Approved at the board meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture visiting Russia on November 14, 2008. in Orel, the Sign of Breeding Center is a pilot project in the Russian Federation, on the model of which is planned in the near future to create another six (6) of similar centers in order to enter Russia at the European level of pork per capita.

The project is the Sign of Breeding Center provides management of breeding and genetic and industrial work in the pig industry in the framework of a single genetic structure of the pyramid, which clearly specialized areas of work so you can optimize the composition of the mother at all levels of the genetic pyramid with a maximum yield of marketable products.

POTENTIAL PROJECT LLC "ZNAMENSKY SHC" Pyramid reproduction 3000 nukleusnyh sows and production of 8.757 million head feedlot calves for slaughter 

Structuring of the Sign of Breeding Center is based on the principles of building the world's best genetic pyramids.

Nukleusnaya part of the genetic pyramid (the top of the genetic pyramid, the first level) is presented with 2 breeding plants for maternal lines breeds Large White and Landrace, capacity of 1,200 sows each, ie 2400 breeding sows and one plant for paternal Duroc breeds and Body capacity of 600 sows. Each Nucleus equipped with internal artificial insemination stations, laboratories for the preparation of the seed, fumigation chambers, crematoria to dispose of dead animals, drugstore. In the genetic part is a stand-alone station artificial insemination by 151 heads of boars for seed Tribal and Commodity Reprduktorov.

The end product of genetic nukleusnoy pyramid are:

  • Pure-bred pigs maternal lines Large White and Landrace breeders for breeding (the second level of the genetic pyramid). Purebred Duroc boars paternal lines and body for commercial breeders (the third level of the genetic pyramid)
  • Seed purebred Duroc boars paternal lines and body for commercial breeders (the third level of the genetic pyramid).

Tribal loudspeakers (multipliers) — the second level of genetic pyramids are currently with 2 loudspeakers tribal capacity 4,800 sows each.

The end product is a pedigree reproducers:

  • 2-parent breed pig F-1, obtained from a combination of breeds Large White and Landrace loudspeakers for a complete product (the third level of the genetic pyramid).

Feedlots for fattening breeding animals culled during breeding. The potential of the project:

  • 3,000 purebred sows GGP — prapraroditelskoe livestock (nukleusnaya part of the Project is in operation since 2007 in the Orel region), with production of 13,000 head of pigs GP — the progenitor population — for completing 5-pedigree reproducers;
  • 24 000 purebred sows GP (2 multiplier — breeding sow the first phase of the project to 9,600 purebred sows commissioned in 2008-2009.), With production up to 200 000 head of pigs F-1 for commercial breeders;
  • 11 million head of commercial hybrids for slaughter to produce 950,000 tons of pork meat in carcass weight per year from commercial farms.

To complete the structural construction of the Sign of the genetic pyramid SHC in proportion opportunities nukleusnoy part of the project requires the construction and subsequent commissioning of 3 more pedigree breeders, with a capacity of 4,800 sows each. To ensure the primary production in the Sign of Breeding Center were created:

  • Fodder plant capacity of 30 tons and 10 tons of feed per hour BMVD allowing fully meet the needs of the project in high-quality complete feed, subject to the necessary dietary requirements and quality of feed, individually for each breed and crosses produced in the Sign of Breeding Center,
  • Elevator capacity of 100 thousand tons of storage zernoproduktsii allowing fully meet the annual need the Sign of Breeding Center in grain raw materials,
  • Slaughterhouse capacity of 125 head per hour,
  • Distribution center, designed for customer service and consulting services,
  • Training center for training / retraining in breeding and commodity pig, feed production, slaughter and meat processing, as well as issues of reconstruction and construction,
  • The joint Russian-Dutch breeding and genetic information center.
  • LLC "Exim-Agro" — vegetal company, whose main activity is the production of agricultural products for the uninterrupted supply of basic grain components, LLC "Znamenskii SHC 'sale of grain to other organizations, the production of seed production. The company carries out agricultural activities in the area of 40 thousand hectares of arable lands with breeding grain harvest of 140 million tons a year by the time the project at full capacity. The main arable crops are winter wheat, spring barley, peas, buckwheat, soybeans.

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