In the Orenburg region began construction of a liquefaction of helium

In July 2013 in Orenburg helium plant began construction of an OG-500 to liquefy helium. This project is part of the investment program of "Gazprom gazenergoset."

Currently is working on fencing and installation of the foundation for the equipment. Installing the liquefaction of helium will be a single structure for the production and shipment of liquid helium, followed by transportation. The unit will include compression system, a system to remove oil, helium liquefier, liquid helium storage system, the system of training of the helium gas filling station, the system will store and supply of liquid nitrogen. Plant capacity is 500 liters per hour (4.2 million liters per year). Commissioning of the liquefaction of helium will allow the company to expand the wholesale distribution of liquid helium in the domestic market of the Russian Federation.

Start facility is scheduled for later this year.

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