In the Perm region began construction of LNG facilities

In the Perm region began construction of storage facilities and regasification of liquefied natural gas (LNG), and the gas liquefaction plant is being built in the village Kanyusyata Karagaisky district. Recall the implementation of this project will receive gas consumers ILIINSKOGO Karagaisky and Sivinsky areas. Residents will be delivered to 18 million cubic meters. gas, it will go to the 9 boilers and more than 2.2 million households.

Today in the village. North Communar Sivinsky District Ministry of Energy and Utilities Perm region together with "Gazprom gas distribution Perm" held a meeting on the project with the participation of representatives of the municipalities and the construction contractor.


Building complexes reception, storage and regasification of LNG comes in three locations — in seconds. Nerdva Karagai district, pos. North Communar and settlement. Ilinskiy. The contractor prepares equipment foundations, it will be delivered to the objects at the end of July and installed during August.

— This is a pilot project in Russia, the same is implemented in St. Petersburg and is planned in the Far East. All the complexes in the Perm region will be built for the heating season. In the village. North Communar supposed to gasify about 600 households. At a recent meeting with Alexei Miller Territory Governor Viktor Basargin asked to build two more complex. Understanding on this issue is, now we see an area where it can do, — said General Director of "Gazprom gas distribution Perm" Evgeni Mikheev.

As you know, OAO "Gazprom" included in the investment program of independent gas supply project towns of Perm Krai. The company decided to build a complex production
transport, storage and regasification of LNG entirely at their own expense. From the budgets of the Perm region and the municipalities (Karagaisky, Sivinsky district and Saint Elias) made arrangements for preparing consumers for LNG.

In Elias has built distribution networks over 8 km long. Today, there are 400 m to lay a gas pipeline to connect to the reservoir. In Section North Communar construction project passes the state examination. And in Nerdve 8 km from the planned 1.5 km has been laid networks. All work will be completed in August this year.

According to head of the Perm Territory gas MinZhKH Andrew Charles, distribution pipelines are built directly from the inputs to homes in order to reduce the financial burden for residents. As budgetary means are provided for transfer to the new boiler fuel.

For reference.

Natural gas is cooled after purification from impurities to the condensation temperature (-161,5 ° C) into a liquid called liquefied natural gas (LNG). The gas volume decreases during liquefaction of 600 times, which is one of the main advantages of this technology. LNG is produced by so-called liquefaction plants (plants) and can then be transferred to special cryogenic tanks. This allows you to deliver the gas to areas that are far away from the main gas pipelines, traditionally used for the transportation of conventional natural gas.

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