In the Perm region can watch the growth of roses in the on-line

Agribusiness in the Perm region successfully applying new technologies.
The company "Intelligence-agro" has completed Phase 1 of the project "Construction of an automated greenhouse complex" with an investment of more than 51 million rubles.
Here in the area 2.3 ha increasing order 16.5 thousand roses. Planting material for complex imported from Holland at the end of October last year. In the greenhouse grown "to cut" of the four varieties of roses. Design capacity — more 354 million roses a year.
According to company director Alexei Yuzhakova in the future Each customer will be able to order roses still in the process of growth and watch them on-line mode.

The contract for agronomic support awarded to the Dutch company that carries out daily monitoring and control of plant growth across the Internet in on-line.
Roses are growing in the ground, and so-called rock wool. Each flower is watered separately — drip — along with the water coming all the necessary nutrients.

In the rose garden is a unique microclimate system. At the level of the flower are temperature sensors are measured lighting, humidity, carbon dioxide in the air, on the roof, there is even a small weather station.

The company plans — building a greenhouse complex area of 4 hectares for the production of vegetable crops.
The implementation of the investment project is supported by the regional Ministry of Agriculture. The new company was chosen land, the interest rates on loans "Intelligence-Agro" subsidized from the budget of the region. Last year, the investment project has received from the regional and federal budgets 784 thousand rubles.

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