In the Perm region started the production of marbled meat

At CJSC Agri "Meat" (Tchaikovsky meat) have launched a line of modern packaging technology marbled meat, by which the manufacturer can bring to the customer a better quality product

TCHAIKOVSKY venture — the first in the province, who established a production, a new line has invested more than 2 million investment. The meat is stored in a protective gas food for five days, maintaining the freshness and quality useful. At present, production is about 5,000 cases per month. 

Bovine meat breed "Hereford", the so-called "marbled meat" — is considered one of the most delicious in the world. It has a good taste and culinary qualities: tender, juicy, high-energy, due to the racial characteristic to hold water and the presence of intramuscular fat. This is a valuable meat goes to the production of ravioli and sausage products

In the Company Agrofirm "Meat" contains about 500 "meat" of cows and bulls — is one of the largest herds in the agricultural sector of the Territory. Six years ago, the first batch was purchased Hereford with English ancestry. At first no one thought about the delicacy with an aristocratic title and royal taste. Everyone worked on the adaptation vysokoporodistogo cattle in our zone of risky agriculture and an increase in its population. Then they all took to the production of meat. Tchaikovsky meat and grows steadily increasing population of Hereford.

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