In the Perm region, the project to the development of innovation cluster rocket engine.


March 20th Prime Minister of the Perm region Gennady Tushnolobov approved an action plan for the implementation of the project "Development of innovative territorial cluster of rocket engines" Technopolis "New Star", according to an official press release of the "Proton-PM."

The document was adopted in order to implement the Programme of socio-economic development of the Perm Territory in the 2012 — 2016 year in which the project technopolis.

The approved plan includes the steps and timing of the project in terms of the development of transport, energy, engineering, housing, innovation, education, infrastructure. In addition, the document provides for work in the field of research and development, the implementation of innovation.

Along the "Development of educational infrastructure" provides for the organization of the school of engineering and technological orientation on the basis of the sponsored school of "Proton-PM" № 129. This project was named "Tehnoshkola."

Igor Arbuzov, director general of "Proton-PM", said: "The approval of the action plan says about the interest of the Government of the Perm Territory in the cluster, which has important implications not only for regional development, but also for the development of Russian space and other high-tech industries to improve their competitiveness in world markets. joint efforts of the Permian engineering companies and all levels of government in this direction will create a special Perm innovative environment, not only in a new way to organize the production, but also to create a modern quality of life and jobs. "

"Innovative territorial cluster of" Technopolis "New Star"Located in the village of New Lyady (Perm) and includes a production capacity of "Proton-PM" and "Perm Engine Company". Specialization cluster — missile and aircraft engine, and release of high-tech products of power engineering.

The initiator of the Technopolis "New Star" is of "Proton-PM" enterprise-coordinator of the Program of the cluster. The program is implemented with the support of the Government of the Perm region and the administration of Perm. Document the development of innovative territorial cluster rocket engine approved by the Federal Space Agency of Russia.

Cluster combines the research and education and production potential of the Perm region. Perm cluster features historically lined up cooperation ties between the participating companies: JSC "Proton-PM", OJSC "Perm Engine Company", JSC "Aircraft Engine", JSC "NPO" spark "of the PP" Mashinostroitel ", OJSC" Perm Scientific and Industrial Instrument Company "and other key place in the cluster are leading scientific and educational institutions in the region: Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Perm State National Research University, Perm Scientific Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. An important place in the cluster assigned to the development of cooperative ties with small business innovation. In cooperation with large enterprises with more than 1,500 small and medium-sized businesses.

Create a cluster supported by the Regional Association of Employers of Perm region "Cooperation", Perm Chamber of Commerce and the Perm regional branch of "Business Russia", representing a small business.

A key project is the development of a cluster of "Proton-PM" production and manufacture of components and assemblies clean oxygen-kerosene engine of a new generation of RD-191. Of "Proton-PM" — the leading Russian company in the field of rocket engine. The Company has established itself as a reliable manufacturer's serial RD-276 first-stage boosters heavy class "Proton-M". The new engine RD-191 is designed for long-term family of launch vehicles "Angara" — the future of the Russian space transport. Implementation of the project is conducted in cooperation with other companies in the sector and is linked to the necessary development of domestic technological base.

Funding for the development of long-term production of the rocket engine provided by the Federal Target Program "Development of the military-industrial complex of Russia until 2020." Placing the production of components of the RD-191 in the Perm region is identified as one of the priorities of the Strategy of socio-economic development of the Volga Federal District until 2020. Direction "rocket engine" is being implemented in accordance with the Strategy of development of space activities to Russia in 2030 and Beyond.

In the field of aviation engine key issue is the organization of the family of fifth-generation jet engines of the PD-14 for the new domestic short-medium range aircraft MS-21. In June 2012 at the site of the Perm Motors Group (JSC "Aircraft Engine" and "Perm Engine Company") was assembled the first prototype of the term aviation engine. The project is implemented with the support of the United Engine Corporation and the Corporation "Oboronprom". JSC "Aircraft Engine" and "Perm Engine Company" — a development partner and manufacturer of the engine — successfully produced turbojet engines PS-90 and its modifications for the IL and TU.

Power Machinery — one of the priorities of the participating enterprises cluster. In this area developed a strong industrial cooperation: JSC "Aircraft Engine" and the NGO "Spark" are the developers of power equipment, "Perm Engine Company" OJSC, "Proton-PM", LLC "Iskra-Turbogaz" — serial manufacturers of products of JSC «Iskra -Avigaz "and JSC" Iskra-Energy "- engineering and service companies. The key project is the organization of the production of gas turbine power plants with capacity of 2.5 MW to 25 MW with the prospect of up to 40 MW. In the development of this area of "Proton-PM" in cooperation with the Perm National Research Polytechnic University (in accordance with the RF Government Decree number 218) is working on the creation of high-tech production to provide services for testing gas turbines up to 40 MW by the adaptive multi-purpose eco-friendly bench. The project is implemented in the interests of the Russian gas transport system.

As part of diversification of enterprises cluster master new technologies. Because of "Proton-PM" in cooperation with the university and center of Perm Powder Materials implements R &D for the development of mass production of the family mikrogazoturbinnyh power units with a capacity of 100-200 kW, having no analogues in the world. The project has been evaluated and deemed worthy of membership status of the innovation center "Skolkovo". The implementation of the project involves the creation of small innovative enterprises.

OJSC "Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Company" and JSC "Proton-PM" organized for small business creation, development and mass production of the family of dry oil-free air compressors, a new generation of APUs.

The advantage is the presence of a cluster of leading research centers: the Institute of Continuum Mechanics, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Technical Chemistry, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Centre of Powder Materials, Center for prototyping and advanced technologies of machining
materials technology center of parallel and distributed computing in engine, Center for Engineering and consulting services, the Center development of control programs for CNC machine tools and others. Key projects are implemented with the participation of academic centers.

The organization of modern innovative industrial complex and the development of leading research centers in the industry will create conditions to develop new technologies for the domestic production of competitive products in the domestic engine.

Infrastructure development in the framework of the Program of Innovation Cluster "Technopolis" New Star "aimed at building a comfortable living environment, the attraction and growth of human resources. Program activities provided for the improvement of engineering, transport and energy infrastructure, road and housing construction, renovation of existing and creation of new health facilities, culture, life and sports in the village of New Lyady.

In the framework of the development of the cluster is planned to develop the existing infrastructure of innovation: innovation Technical Innovation Center, Business Incubator, innovative research centers of national research universities and academic institutions.

Measures to improve educational infrastructure aimed at deepening the existing experience in business training demanded the production staff and the construction of the educational process, "school — college — university — enterprise cluster." Program is planned to create a comprehensive school with a technical bias and the Perm branch of aviation technical name AD Shvetsov, and the development of educational curricula in the field of management and technology commercialization.

On the development of social activities and innovative infrastructure construction education network Cluster Development Programme in the period from 2012 to 2016 will be allocated about 4.7 billion. This funding from the federal and local budgets, as well as from non-budgetary sources (private investment and loan funds).

As a result of implementation of the development of the cluster "Technopolis" New Star "in 2020 will create the conditions for the formation of cluster-based Center for rocket engine as federal research and production complex in the domestic engine to provide world-class Russian space and consolidate the leading role of Russia in the space activities.

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