In the Permian Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery held the first operation

In the Permian, "Heart of the City" — the federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery today had their first heart surgery.

The first patient was a child of Udmurtia. This morning he was operated chief cardiac surgeon Russia, Director of the Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery. Bakuleva, Academician Leo Bokeria and chief medical officer of the Permian Cardiology Sergey Sukhanov. Then took 6 more operations using the most high tech of the new federal center.

— I have full satisfaction of such an operating where we are today working. This light, and climate control, which is important for the heart — his impressions after open-heart surgery Leo Bokeria.

On the day of the first operation in the "Heart of the City" has visited the governor of Perm region Viktor Basargin. Together with Leo Bokeria and Sergey Sukhanov he examined the chamber and operating, and then discussed the development prospects of the Permian of the federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery.


Perm "City of the Heart" has received the necessary licenses for medical services. Doctors already are receiving in-patient departments for adults and children, a clinical diagnostic laboratory. The head of the region talked with patients who undergo treatment here, looked like surgeons perform.

This center is for us — it's fantastic. These are new opportunities, new technologies, and professionals. I think it may prolechivat Cardiology 5-6 thousand patients a year with good intensivnoyrabote — said the governor Sergey Sukhanov.

— This modern cardiac center — a great help for the management of the situation with cardiovascular diseases that continue to prevail in the Perm region. It's no secret that these diseases are leading in the structure of mortality. I think now the picture has changed dramatically. At the very least, look forward to it, — said Viktor Basargin.

Recall the construction of the federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Perm completed in February 2012 Hospital Center in Perm is designed for 167 beds, 17 of them — children. There are 5 operating 3 for open heart surgery and endovascular 2. Center is equipped with the latest medical equipment, it created 736 new jobs, highly skilled work here Perm Heart Institute. Cardiology will receive patients not only from the Kama, but other regions of the Volga and Ural regions.

According to the chief medical center, priority will be given to the work of the children. The first operation just performed on the children's hearts. Little patient enrolled here from Udmurtia. Thus, the first operation in the Permian Cardiology began operation of federal significance.

For the record

In Russia in the framework of the program "Health" will build 12 high-tech medical centers, which will treat cardiovascular disease. Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Perm opened the sixth.

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