In the preparation of the scouts of the Russian military base in Tajikistan introduced a course knife fighting

Servicemen intelligence units of the Russian military base stationed in the Republic of Tajikistan, began learning the art of knife fighting, recently introduced in the program of combat training. In the course includes techniques of attack and defense, knife throwing and fencing.

Military personnel are studying ways to capture combat knife penetrating shots, cutting punches, hammer blows, as well as tactics in close combat, it is not possible to use small arms.

There's still two stages of training, including the development of the martial art of fencing with a knife, to study the dynamics of linear and circular battlefield, practice throwing.
Fully mastered the technique of knife fighting will be invited for further training in the Center for Army melee CSKA Moscow and participate in competitions.

Supervises the preparation of scouts coach army fighting and karate, Master of Sports Major Baronsho Kurbonov.

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